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CHASAN, NUR (2009)
This research is a pragmatic study focused on the meaning of speaker’s utterance and the context. This research aims at examining the forms of slogan used in domestic and international airlines slogan in Indonesia. The data of the research are in the form of phrase, clause, and sentence of English slogan in domestic and international airlines slogan in Indonesia. This research is a descriptive qualitative study which uses documentation method in collecting the data. The data are analyzed based on their linguistic forms and their meaning. In addition, the meaning analysis employs the speech acts theory especially locutionary and illocutionary. The result of this research shows that slogans used in domestic and international airlines slogan are in the forms of phrase (noun phrase), clause (dependent clause), and sentence (declarative sentence and imperative sentence). Meanwhile, the meaning of slogan are asserting, persuading and informing.

A. Background of the Study
Language is the best known word or term for all people around the world. It
plays an important role in every aspect of human life, especially in the
communication world. Crystal (1992: 212) defines language as the systematic
conventional use of sound, sign, or written symbol in human society for
communication and self-expression. It means people can express their idea and
mind through the language. Language also plays as important role in every aspect
of human life, such as slogan.
Slogan is a memorable motto, or phrase used in political, commercial,
religious and other context as a repetitive expression of an idea or purpose. The
languages of slogan represent the particular product. The slogan is to be the image
of a product. A slogan used by a product cannot be use again by others. The
advertisers always choose attractive words although the words are not familiar for
the customers.
Slogan made simple and interesting that make people or consumers choose
the product. It is arranged as attractive as possible. It must be communicative and
understandable for consumers. Sometimes, people tend to have difficulties in
understanding of the slogan because the massages have not only implicit meaning
but also explicit meaning airlines likes: “the boutique airlines “. It’s the slogan of
“Adam Air “product. The language used in its slogan is English; the form of this
slogan is a phrase.
The slogan does not intent to ask consumers how Adam Air consumers are,
but intents to offer Adam Air airlines to consumers or readers. Some of Indonesian
people who do not have good English can not understand it exactly because the
language used in advertisement slogan has the explicit and implicit meaning. If
people have the good understanding at how English structure works and English
speech act, it will be easier for them to understand the meaning of slogans.
In accordance with speech acts, Austin in Levinson (1983: 236) pointed out
that in analyzing a speech acts, it needs to make a distinction between the locution
and illocution. The locution is physical act of producing an utterance. The illocution
is the performance of an act in saying something. To give more understanding an
example is presented bellow:“Give me some cash “
The speaker utterance can be semantically paraphrased as: “hand some
money over to me “, with “me “referring to the speaker as locutionary act, while the
illocutionary force is that the speaker performed the act of requesting the hearer to
give him some money (cash).
The speech act of requesting is a part of pragmatics subject. It belongs to the
classification of speech acts that is directive one. The owner of airlines shows their
feeling directly. One of the media to show their feeling is slogan. In accordance
with the speech act and slogan, the following is an example taken from domestic
airline’s slogan in Indonesia:“Your flying partner “
From the example above, it can be seen that the owner wants the passengers
use this airline and the airline has commitment to give satisfaction feeling. Based on
the phenomena above, the writer is interested in analyzing the act of domestic and
international airline’s slogan in Indonesia, particularly “job “chapter. Thus, the
writer conducts “A Pragmatic Study on Domestic and International Airlines
Slogan in Indonesia.”
B. Previous Study
A comparative study related to pragmatic study analysis has been done by
some researcher. The first is done by Wahyu Andy Nugroho (2007) with his
research entitled “A Linguistic Analysis on English Slogan of cosmetic and food
product“. His research emphasized on the linguistic form, the meaning and the
types of English slogan. The out come of the research found that the most general
linguistic form of cosmetic product slogan is noun phrase and cosmetic product use
conceptual meaning, and the food products apply the connotative meaning.
The next is “A Pragmatic Study on Clothes Advertisement Slogans in Aneka
Magazine Issued in January- September 2006“done by Dian Esti Pratiwi (2007). In
her research, she concludes about pragmatics analysis in directive utterance. In the
problem statement, it is just found that the writer elaborate the pragmatics meaning
in utterances.
Meanwhile, this study is quite different with the two researches above. It is
elaborated the kinds and the pragmatics meaning on the domestic and international
airlines slogan. It is more specific in the tourism field, especially air transportation.
C. Focus of the Study
Based on the background above, the writer formulates the problem as follows:
1. What are the linguistic forms on the domestic and international airline’s slogan
in Indonesia?
2. What are the meanings on the domestic and international airline’s slogan in
D. Objective of the Study
In this research the writer intends:
1. To describe the linguistic forms of the domestic and international airline’s
slogan in Indonesia.
2. To describe the pragmatics meaning of the domestic and international airline’s
slogan in Indonesia.
E. Benefit of the Study
The research hopefully will bring benefit for:
1. Theoretically
a. This research can give contribution in pragmatics study.
b. The research can give additional reference in observing many aspects of
airlines slogans and other speech acts.
2. Practically
a. The research can give additional input in improving the ability to analyze
the speech acts especially about airlines slogans.
b. The research can be used as reference for similar research and stimulation for
the other researchers concerning the act of airlines slogans.
F. Research Organization
The organization of this research is explained in order the reader to be
able to understand the content of the paper easier. They are as follows:

Chapter I is introduction. It consists of the background of the study,
previous study, focus of the study, objective of the study, benefit of the study,
research paper organization, and list of technical term

Chapter II is underlying theory. It deals with the notion of pragmatics,
speech act, slogan, notion of domestics & international airlines, and linguistic

Chapter III is research method. In this chapter, the researcher presents
the type of research, object of the study, data and data source, technique of data
collection, and technique of data analysis

Chapter IV is data analysis and discussion. It presents the data analysis
and discussion of the finding

Chapter V is conclusion and suggestion
G. List of Technical Term
The list of technical term in this research is explained in order the reader to
be able to understand the key word of the paper easier. They are as follows:
1. Pragmatics is the study of language focused on the meaning of speaker’s
utterance and the context.
2. Slogan is a group of words that promise a reward in a dramatic way: easy to
read, easy to say and easy to remember stated by Bayles (in Urdang &
Robbins, 1984: 18).
3. Domestic Airlines is the airlines which has route just in a country. It just
serves the flight around certain area in some places. Its coverage is limited
only in one city to another city where the company has network
4. International Airlines is the airlines which has route in a country and
crossing outside. It can bring the passengers across countries
(www.wikipedia.org). The air company may have a big coverage of network
around some countries.

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