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The major problem of this study is how the personality of major
character’s in personality of Alicia on A Beautiful Mind, resulted from
unhandled problem she encounters. The aim of this study is to reveal the
personality structure of the major character, which influences her behavior,
using the mean of structural and psychoanalytic analysis. The object of this
study is the personality of Alicia and it is focused on one of the major
characters, namely Alicia.
The benefit of the study is to give some contributions in the application of
psychoanalytic approach in literary study and to fulfill the requirement for
getting bachelor degree in English department. This study uses l brary data.
The primary data are taken from the movie itself, while the secondary data
from some criticism and information needed. The method of data collection is
description and the study employs Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalysis to answer
the problem.
The out-come of the study shows that the problem that the major character
encounters causes the conflicts of her mental condition. Alicia as a women
character can be seen on her personality according to Freud’s Theory. In this
case she accompanies to psychia tric to solve John Nash’s problem. For that
reason she needs to visit many places that have relation with John Nash’s
memories.Besides, she also meets his friends who have an information about
John Nash’s problem as Sol and Brender

A. Background of the Study
Psychology is one self-supporting science discipline. Psychology
predominated by effort and idea study elementary elements of life bounce
normal adult through research of laboratory by using introspection method.
Personality is viewed as structures which consist of three system or element,
namely id , ego, and superego. Nowadays, there are many media to deliver
message from people to another. One of them is film. Film is a great media to
deliver a message or idea. It explains other aspects such as origin of h
love, city, life and others. Films are cultural artifacts created by specific
cultures, which reflect those cultures, and, in turn, affect them. Film is
considered to be an important art form, a source of popular entertainment, and
a powerful method for educating or indoctrinating citizens. The visual elements
of cinema give motion pictures a universal power of communication; some
movies have become popular worldwide attractions by using dubbing or
subtitles that translate the dialogue.
The movie A Beautiful M ind stories about mathematician that wants
to get the noble in the future. The main character is Russell Crowe as John
Nash then the other actors are Jennifer Connelly as Alicia, Ed Harris as
Parcher, Christopher Plummer as Dr. Rossen, Paul Bettany as Charles, etc.
This movie aims intense thematic material, sexual content and a scene of
violence. This movie is supported by the best crews like: Ron Howard, Brian
Grazer, Akiva Goldsman, Roger Deakinds, Mike Hill and Dan Hanley, Wynn
Thomas, James Horner, Rita Ryack, Jane Jankins, and Janet Hirshenson,
Robert Guerra, and Leslie Rollins. It was a non-fiction movie and produce d by
universal picture and Dream work picture. This movie has overall grade: A.
Alicia is stude nt of university where John Nash teaches. John Nash
start to like Alicia, later; then both of them married. Alicia and John loves
each other. Initially they live happily, until one time when John Nash show s
change. Alicia has soft feeling and attention to her husband. Until they have
very humorous child. Alicia loves her child much. When Alicia starts to know
John Nash hit by diseases of split personality, he remain s to be devoted
accompanying him. Until John Nash strangle neck of Alicia, but Alicia stands
at bay to wait for accompanying John Nash. Alicia remains to be devoted
await John Nash until she recover s and gets an appreciation Nobel.
As a public opinion shows this movie get good respond from public. It
was proven by many awards got in this movie. I n AFI Award, in USA 2002 it
won AFI Film award and nominated for male actor. Movie and screenwriter
of this year in ASCAP in 2003 won top Box Office film. It also won Academy
award for four categories and nominated for four categories. It also got award
from many festivals, such as: Amanda Award, BAFTA Award, Australian
Film Institute, etc.
After watching the movie and reading the theory of psychoanalytic, in
this paper the writer present the character of Alicia Nash by applying
psychoanalytic approach. T
herefore, the writer takes PERSONALITY OF
B. Literary Review
The researcher found two research papers on the same object. There
are “Introvert Intuitive of John Nash’s A Beautiful Mind the Movie: Analytical
Psychological Approach” and “Defense Mechanism in Sylvia Nasar’s A
Beautiful Mind: Psychoanalytic Approach”. Both analyze about John Nash but
different from his analysis. He analyzed about Alicia Nash.
In this research, the writer studies similar film, but using different
approach that is psychoanalytic focusing on personality of the major character.
The result is analyzed something that the personality of the major character
(Alicia Nash) in A Beautiful Mind.
C. Problem Statement
The writer will focus his work on“ How is personality of Alicia
reflected in A Beautiful Mind Movie?”
D. Limitation of the Study
The researcher limits the research on the personality of major character
Alicia viewed from Psychoanalytic perspective.
E. Objectives of the Study
Based on the problem statement above, there are two objectives of the
research that the writer concern:
1. to analyze the structural element of A Beatiful Mind movie, and
2. to analyze the movie based on psychoanalytic approach.
F. Benefit o f the Study
The benefits of this study are:
1. Theoretical Benefit
To give additional contribution to the other literary research, especially in
the study of A Beautiful Mind’s movie.
2. Practical Benefit
To enrich the literary study, especially to the students of Surakarta
Muhammadiyah University who like the literary work and it improves
the writer understanding in applying on psychoanalytic approach.
G. Research Method
1. Object of the Study
The writer will research A Beautiful Mind movie. This is based on
the true story of Peter Winter. This movie is directed by Ron Howard and
released on 2001.
2. Type of the Data and the Data Source
Types of data source in this research are classified into two
categories called primary data and secondary data.
a. Primary data : Primary data source is the film of A Beautiful Mind.
b. Secondary data: The secondary data source, are internet and relevant
3. Type of the Study
The research about this movie belongs to qualitative research. It is
called so because it does not need a sta tistic to explore the facts.
Qualitative research is a type of research that does not include calculation
and enumeration.
4. Technique of the Data Collection
In collecting the data of this research, the writer uses the library
research. The steps of data collection procedure are follow s:
a. Watching A Beautiful M ind movie repeatedly to get deep understanding.
b. Reading some related books entitles Psychoanalytic Psychology or
Dodge Fernald, to find out the theory, data, and information.
c. Making notes of important parts of both primary and secondary data
d.Selecting some particular parts of considered important and relevant
for analysis.
5. Technique of the Data Analysis
The technique of data analysis of this research is descriptive
qualitative analysis with content analysis. The writer is gathering the data
from watching the movie to have deep understanding. In secondary data,
the writer uses Psychoanalytic approach and compares between A
Beautiful Mind movie and the data from browsing internet.
H. Paper Organization
The research paper is divided into five chapters:
The first chapter consists of introduction, there are background of the
study, literary review, problem statement, objectives of the study, benefit of
the study, research methods, and paper or ganization. The second chapter deals
with theoretical approach includes the notion of psychoanalytic and system of
personality. The third chapter is structural analysis. T his chapter explains the
structural elements of the movie and it consists of characte r and
characterization, setting, plot, point of view, theme, mise-en-scene,
cinematography, editing and sound. The fourth chapter is psychoanalytic
analysis and discussion. Finally, the research paper presents conclusion and
suggestion in the chapter five

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