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This research is examining the exclamation utterance in 2 Fast 2 Furious movie directed by John Singleton. The aims of the research are to describe the patterns of exclamation utterance and to describe the intention of exclamation utterance. The type of this research is descriptive qualitative research. In collecting the data, the writer uses observation and document method by selecting the utterance which can be found in 2 Fast 2 Furious. The utterances selected are those which contain intention. This study shows the variety of the patterns and intention in 2 Fast 2 Furious movie. The first result is to show the types of pattern. The types are type (a) 3 (shit!), type (b) 1-2-1-2 (I love you, Bullet!), type (c) 2-2-1-1-2-1 (This is him, we got him!), type (d) 3-1-2-1-1-2-3 (Only my homeboys call me Rome, Pig!), type (e) 2-4-1-2-2-2-4 (I told you it wasn’t my fault!), type (f) 4-2-2-2-2-2-2-3 (And you need to go back to Barstow!), type (g) 3 (Damn!), type (h) 2-4-1 (Son of Bicth!), type (i) 4-3-1-1 (Don’t ever touch me!), type (j) 2-1-2-2-4 (I’m a goddamn Federal Agent!), type (k) 3-2-2-2-2-1 Don’t tell me to shut up, Brian!), type (l) 1 (Running!), type (m) 2-1-2 (That’s real great!), (n) 2-2-3-4 (I’m a Detective, Veron!),(o) 2-1-2 (Shut your mouth!), (p) 2-4-2-2 (What the hell is that!). The patterns are mostly in rise tone which is takes 11 of the data. Secondly the exclamation utterance have five kinds of intention; amazement, annoyances, pleasuring, surprising, anger.

A. Background of the Study
People and their life can not be separated from communicative event. In
doing communication, people need a medium to express idea, thinking,
meaning, reality, etc. That is language. So, the primary function of language
is as a means of communication medium. As a result, people can not be
separated from language use in their communication.
"Dealing with the function of language, Holmes (1992:256) states that
there are a number of ways of categorizing the function of speech
which have proven a useful one in sociolinguistics research:
(1) Expressive utterance, language used to express the
speaker’s feelings. (2) Directive utterance, language is used as
the attempt to get someone to do something. (3) Referential
utterance, language is used to provide information. (4)
Metalinguistics utterance, language is used to command n
language itself. (5) Poetic utterance, it is the focus on aesthetic
features of language. (6) Phatic utterance, language is used to
express solidarity and empathy with other".
Conversation is the real form of language used. It is a process by which
the participants can communicate each other. In order to communicate with
the others, one should be appropriated between language use and context. The
speaker should be aware of what they are doing with the language and the
listener has to try to understand the speaker intention. Therefore, the hearer
should know the speaker’s communicative intention in producing an
Utterance is the physical of linguistic behavior, Ikhwan (2009:3). In
communication, utterance have important role to present what the speaker’s
intention to hearers. By the utterance, the listener can understand what the
speaker feels. For example is exclamation utterance. Exclamation utterance is
the thing which is often uttered in the communication. Exclamation utterance
is a type of sentences that share a strong feeling such as excitement,
happiness, anger, surprise, and mark at the end with an exclamation mark.
To support the communication, nowadays many variations of media are
developed as a communication and information media. The media are printed
media to electronic media. Printed media provide information which can be
read by the reader, for example: newspaper, latter, magazine, etc. On the
other hand, electronic media provide information which can be seen and
heard by the receiver such as television.
One of media produced by the electronic media is movie. By watching
movie, we can see the conversation and it often produce some utterances such
as exclamation utterance. The kinds of movie that much uttered the
exclamation utterance are action movie. As we know that action movie
usually offers us with the situation that using the expression of the actors in
uttering something. That is why the speech act of exclamation utterance is
usually used. However, the exclamation utterance is applied in different
expression. They are not just in anger situation but also the utterance that
utters by using the strong feeling such as happiness, and surprise.
“2 Fast 2 Furious” as the chosen is an action movie that directed by
John Singleton. The story of this movie is about the street racing. The actor,
Paul Walker who act as Brian O’connor has left LA due to his illegal action
from the first movie and now soars the streets or Miami making money here
and there by street racing. Watched by Customs Agent Monica Fuentes, Brian
is caught by the police and is given a deal by Agent Markham and Bilkins to
get undercover and try to bring down drug lord Carter Verone in exchange for
his criminal record to be erased. Brian agrees but only if he is given
permission to choose his partner. Brian heads home to Barstow, California
where he recruits an old friend Roman Peace to help him. Pearce agree but
only for the same deal Brian was offered. By the help of Monica, Brian and
Rome work together to take down Verone.
This movie presented a lot of exclamation utterance that interest to
analyze, for example:
Don’t ever touch me !
From the example above, the speaker shows the anger emotion in
expressing the utterance. What the speaker saw and the intention of the
speaker in this utterance is expressing on anger.
From the analyzing above, the writer wants to analyze about the pattern
and the intention of the exclamation utterance. Those are reason that seem to
have encouraged the writer to give a title “ A Study of Exclamation
Utterance in 2 Fast 2 Furious Movie Directed By John Singleton : A
Pragmatic Approach.”
B. Previous Study
The firs research is written by Anis Fatkhur Rohmawati (2009), who
conducted the research entitled "A Pragmatics Analysis of Exclamatory
Utterance in the Movie (Harry Potter)", describe about the form and the
intention of the exclamatory utterance. At the end of the research. Some
conclusion was draw. First, the writer finds there are seven forms of
exclamatory utterance, namely: word form, noun phrase form, verb phrase
form, adjective form, simple sentence form, compound sentence form, and
interrogative sentence form. Second, the intentions are rightfully, proud,
amazement, surprising, trespass, great anger, annoyance, pleasuring, and
Although the thesis discuss about exclamation utterance, the focuses are
different from the present one. This research is intended to analyze the pattern
of exclamation utterance and the writer uses “2 Fast 2 Furious” movie as the
data source.
The second previous research that related to this study was conducted
by Saraswati (2001); her research paper entitles "Desire under the Elm
Written by Eugene O'Neill (Pragmatic Approach)". In her research, she
analyzed the form of anger expression and the reason of using those form in
expression of anger.
At the end of the research, some conclusions was drawn. First, there are
three form of anger expression used in Desire under the Elm written by
Eugene O'Neil, namely; interrogative form; declarative form; declarative
form; and exclamation form. Second, the reasons of using interrogative form
are to satirize the one whom the speaker spoke to, and to show the politeness.
While the reason of using declarative form used in Desire under the Elm are
to show the power that the speaker had a right to process the wealth, and to
show the authority as the older man. Further, the reasons of using
exclamation form used in Desire under the Elm are to satirize the one whom
the speaker spoke to, and to show the politeness.
The research above is different because the writer presents different
object and source of data. The writer object is speech act of exclamation
utterance, the writer use action movie as the source of data. The research
above has similar on the use of pragmatic as approach.
C. Problem Statement
Based on the background of the study above, the research problem can
be formulated as follows:
1. What is the pattern of exclamation utterance in 2 Fast 2 Furious movie?
2. What are the intentions of exclamation utterance in 2 Fast 2 Furious
D. Objectives of the Study
In carrying this research, the writer formulates the objectives of the
study as fallows:
1. To describe the pattern of exclamation utterances in 2 Fast 2 Furious
2. To describe the intention of exclamation utterance in 2 Fast 2 Furious
E. Benefits of the Study
The writer really hopes that the research on exclamation utterance in 2
Fast 2 Furious movie has some benefits. The benefits of this study will be
distinguished into two benefits.
1. Theoretically
a. The result of the study will enrich the student’s knowledge about
exclamation utterance.
b. The result of the study will give more information to the reader about
exclamation utterance.
2. Practically
a. The readers are able to recognize the exclamation utterance in 2 Fast 2
Furious movie.
b. The reader will know the intention about exclamation utterance 2 Fast
2 Furious movie.
F. Research Paper Organization
The paper organization of this research paper is given in order the
reader can understand the content better. The organizations of this research
paper are as follows:
Chapter I is introduction. This part consists of background of the study,
previous study, problem statement, objective of the study, benefit of the
study, and research paper organization.
Chapter II is underlying theory which deals with notion of pragmatics,
notion of speech act, classification of speech act, sentence and type of the
Chapter III is research method which involves type of the research,
object of the research, data and data source, method of collecting data, and
technique for analyzing data.
Chapter IV presents analysis of the data and discussion.
Chapter V is conclusion and suggestion.

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