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The major problem of this study is to reveal the living with Schizophrenia in Ron Howard’s A Beautiful Mind movie. The objective of the study are to analyze the structural element of the movie and to analyze the character of John Forbes Nash on Psychoanalytic approach developed by Sigmund Freud. Including this study, the researcher uses qualitative research in which the data are based on primary data, the script of A Beautiful mind movie. Second data are reviews of the movie those are collected from various sources and other data, which deal with the research such as from the website, journal, and other reference that has connection with the research. In analyzing the data, the researcher applies two approaches; they are structural analysis approach and psychoanalytic approach. Structural analysis is used to analyze the elements of the movie it is consist of characterization, setting, point of view, plot, style, theme, cast, mise-en-scene, cinematography, editing and sound. The psychoanalytic is used to analyze the living with Schizophrenia of John that influences his personality. The result of the analysis shows that the personality of John is influenced by his life with Schizophrenia that is dominated from system of personality. It is divided into three; they are Id, Ego and Superego.

A. Background of the Study
Many people are stressed and felt frustration if they cannot solve their
problem. It may occur in natural disaster, for example: when the victims still
alive from disaster, they get heavy trauma. It can change behavior; maybe they
become demure and difficult to communicate. It caused soul trouble. The soul
problem occurs when people has depression, confusion and sorrow. It make
crazy. The other soul problem is like hallucination and delusion. This is a kind of
symptom of Schizophrenia.
Schizophrenia is a syndrome with abnormally in content and mind
organization, stress or emotional, identity, and psychomotor behavior.
Schizophrenia is soul trouble that is marked with many symptoms such as loss of
contact with reality, loss of trust; deviation fills mind, eyesight and hearing
perception, decreasing of motivation and blunt emotion (Kaplan, 1995:407).
Schizophrenia can also occur to everyone. This is mental illness. The
patient cannot differentiate reality from hallucination on the mind. It can change
behaviors. The patient assuming that he is feeling like a great person and he feel
anxious. The patient has fluctuating emotion. The people can infected this disease
from environment or genetic factor.
Family environment can influence the happening of this disease.
The dead of close family, the temperamental family,
and difficult economic are factors cause of schizophrenia.
The problem of schizophrenia is a phenomenon of life that deals with the
psychological science. It is not only interest psychiatric but also interest a man to
study schizophrenia. Literary work is not only come from author’s imaginary but
also come from real life. From real life, it can be a good masterpiece. There is the
movie that reflecting the phenomenon of schizophrenia, which entitled A
Beautiful Mind movie.
A Beautiful Mind is a movie based on real life of John Forbes Nash, a
mathematician who won the Nobel Prize in Economics in 1994 and he was
infected Schizophrenia. Ron Howard directed the film. A Beautiful Mind movie
was written by Akiva Goldsman, produced by Brian Grazer, Ron Howard and
distributed by Dream Work Pictures. It was inspired by a bestselling book of the
same name by Sylvia Nasar. The film stars Russell Crow, Jennifer Connelly, Ed
Harris and Paul Bettany. The movie released in USA on December 21, 2001, it
divided to be two disks. The running time is 135 minutes.
The story began when John arrive in Princeton University. He is student
mathematic. He is a poor man; he can study on there because he gets prestigious
Carnegie Prize for mathematics. He meets Charles, who is the roommate. John
wants to find original idea to thesis paper. John makes a concept of governing
dynamic, theory of a mathematical economic. After the conclusion as a student at
Princeton, he accepts a prestigious appointment at the Massachusetts Institute of
Technology (MIT), along with his friends Sol and Bender. Five years later while
teaching a class on Calculus at MIT, he places a particularly interesting problem
on the chalkboard that he dares his students to solve. When his student Alicia
Larde comes to his office to discuss the problem, John has falling in love and
eventually marry.
John meets a mysterious Department of Defense Agent, William Parcher.
John invited to a secret United Stated Department of Defense Facility in the
Pentagon to crack a complex encryption of an enemy telecommunication. Parcher
gives John a new assignment to look for pattern magazine and newspaper then
write report and sending in a specified mailbox. John feels anxious when William
tells him if the secret had known. It makes John to be paranoid.
After Alicia observing the behavior of John, she informs a psychiatric
hospital. When John comes in Harvard University, he arrested a group of
Psychiatric. John taken care in hospital. Dr.Rosen tells to Alicia if John infected
Schizophrenia. John must get insulin shock therapy to be recovering from
diseases. Nash is released on the condition that he agrees to take antipsychotic
medication. However, this medicine has bad effect. John not drink drug again.
Nevertheless, it makes the hallucination come again. The hallucination makes
John like in the past. Alicia knows that John recurrence again. Dr.Rosen asked
John to get medication but John does not want to. He wants to ignore the all of
hallucinations. Finally, he did it.
He comes back in Princeton. He forgets of his hallucination and get over
the disease. He is to be a lecturer in this University. In 1994, John gets Nobel
Prize in Economic.
A Beautiful Mind movie has audiences. They had seen this movie because
the story is unique. There are many messages that showed in conflicts, it is cause
that people is interested to see it. Based on the story in the movie, there are many
different comments from the audience. The public response has positive and
negative opinion about this movie.
A Beautiful Mind movie has 78% rating from The Rotten Tomatoes. This
is one of the very best films of the year (Traver, 2006). According to Lisa
Alspector (2002), Ron Howard suggesting the experience of John’s character,
who diagnosed with schizophrenia, make inspirational to people, but the point is
relationship to the fact of real person’s life. She was assuming that this is
awesome and good movie. The movie makes inspiration to other people.
The audiences have negative assuming about this movie because they
think that it is impossible story. They did not believe that man has schizophrenia
get Nobel Prize. They think that the story was boring. The length of time is so
long. The audiences did not know about the message of this movie. They
assuming that the schizophrenic cannot recover the disease are just ignoring the
hallucination. This is unacceptable to some people. Some people assuming that it
is represents fiction film.
During the five-day weekend of the limited release, A Beautiful Mind has
box office. The budget is $60.000.000 and get Gross revenue is $313,542,341
million worldwide in three months (Dujsik, 2002). The movie released in many
country, such as: USA (21 December 2001), Canada (25 December 2002),
Germany (12 February 2002), France (13 February 2002), Brazil (15 February
2002), Australia (23 February 2002), Italy (22 February 2002), South Korea (28
February 2002) and Mexico (1 March 2002) (Release Info, 2001).
A Beautiful Mind movie is one of the best movies. It had a lot of
appreciation in 2002. The film was awarded four Academy Awards for Adapted
Screenplay to Akiva Goldsman, Best Picture to Brian Grazer and Ron Howard,
Directing to Ron Howard, and Supporting Actress to Jennifer Connelly. It also
received four other nominations for Best Actor in a Leading Role to Russell
Crowe, Film Editing to Mike Hill and Daniel P. Hanley, Best Makeup to Greg
Cannom and Colleen Callaghan, and Original Music Score to James Horner. The
2002 BAFTAs awarded the film Best Actor and Best Actress to Russell Crowe
and Jennifer Connelly. At the 2002 AFI Awards, Jennifer Connelly won for Best
Featured Female Actor. The film was also nominated for Movie of the Year,
Actor of the Year to Russell Crowe, and Screenwriter of the Year (Award, 2001).
The main character from this movie is John Forbes Nash, mysterious and
smart mathematician. He is mathematic student in Princeton University in 1953.
He is genius and handsome man but he has infected Schizophrenia. This matter
makes him to be antisocial. He do not know how to interaction to other people
and he loss contact with society.
The theme of A Beautiful Mind movie is about Schizophrenia disease. Ron
Howard wants to give information about this disease from beginning symptom,
marking people that infected it and healing. The messages are schizophrenia the
kind of mental illness can recover with insulin shock therapy. Although this
recover is not perfect. Supporting from family is so important to recovering
process. As an audience, we can get moral from this story and experience for our
A Beautiful Mind movie is a best movie. Many people had seen this movie
and they gave good comment to this movie because of the story or the character.
There are six matters making this movie more interesting.
The first, the character of this movie is very different. The writer
interested about the major character, John Forbes Nash (Russell Crow) and Alicia
Larde (Jennifer Connelly). Russell Crow really is like schizophrenic. They can
play the part of character that film is better and involving role. The audience can
entering in the story and can feeling is like on the story.
The second, the writer is interested in the casting. The cast of the movie is
great actress and actor. Especially, the major characters are beautiful and
handsome. It can be the movie more interesting. The writer assuming that
producer has a good choice when he choice cast because all of cast have good
The third, this movie has beautiful story because the director make the
movie from real life. It is gave learn about schizophrenia disease. Something that
make the story good is a schizophrenic can get Nobel Prize in economic and
struggle to recover his disease until he did it with spirit that give from his wife.
The struggle of women is living with abnormal man that interesting story in this
movie too.
The fourth, the interesting matter is setting of this movie. Almost 80
percent shooting was done in Princeton University. Other place is in
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Pentagon). The time of this movie, start
1947 until 1994. The director make the time is same on the story. The writer feels
in that year. This is so interesting.
The fifth, the property in the movie is interesting. The writer see that the
cast use dress, car, telephone same in 1947. The actress use along dress and the
actor use simple coat. When the actress drive the car, it is look like a old car. The
make up of this movie can change the face cast. The make up change from young
to old. This can change is like a reality.
The sixth, schizophrenia disease is making the writer interesting because
she never knows about this disease. The movie explains about this disease, from
the symptom and the way to recover this disease. The writer is so interested about
this movie because she wants to depth understanding about schizophrenia disease.
Therefore, based on previous reasons the writer is interested in analyzing
the movie using Psychoanalytic approach view from the framework into her
research paper entitled: “Living with Schizophrenia in Ron Howard’s A Beautiful
Mind Movie: a Psychoanalysis Approach”
B. Previous Study
Ron Howard is a popular director. Most of his movie is box office. There
is previous study that analyzes Introvert Intuitive type of John Forbes Nash
character’s in Ron Howard’s A Beautiful Mind the movie: Analytical
Psychological Approach. This analyzed by Ika Apriliana (UMS, 2006). It has the
same author but different in title and approach.
Apriliana finds that introvert of main character in the movie, namely, John
Nash. She focused to analyze introvert personality. She was dealing with
analytical psychology analysis on the main character of A Beautiful Mind. She
states that introvert intuitive type of John Nash has been influence his life and
Different from previous study, this research focused on Living with
Schizophrenia in Ron Howard’s A Beautiful Mind movie: a Psychoanalytic
Approach. The writer analyzes Schizophrenia disease of John Nash. She states
that John Nash who living with schizophrenia can stay with his disease though
this disease has been changes his life. The writer used Psychoanalytic to research
A Beautiful Mind movie.
C. Problem Statement
Concerning the ideas, which have been explained in the previous
background of the study, the problem statements of this paper, is how living with
Schizophrenia reflected in Ron Howard’s A Beautiful Mind movie?
D. Limitation of the Study
In this study, the writer focuses and analyze on the living with
Schizophrenia in Ron Howard’s A Beautiful Mind movie using Psychoanalytic
E. Objective of the Study
To describe living with schizophrenia in Ron Howard’s A Beautiful Mind
movie based on Psychoanalytic approach.
F. Benefits of the Study.
In studying the research paper, the benefits expected from study are follows:
1. Theoretical Benefit
Theoretically, the result of the study contributes to the development of
the knowledge, particularly literary study on A Beautiful Mind Movie.
2. Practical Benefit
The study is hoped to enrich knowledge and experience of the writer
and another student of Muhammadiyah University of Surakarta or another
Universities who have interest with literary study on the movie from
Psychoanalytic Approach.
G. Research Method
The research method are conducted by the writer is descriptive qualitative
1. Objective of the Study
The objective of the study is living with Schizophrenia in A Beautiful
Mind movie published in December 21, 2001 by DreamWorks Picture.
2. Data Sources
The data source is divided into two parts, the data sources as follow:
a. Primary data sources
The primary data sources are the movie script and the VCD and DVD
of A Beautiful Mind movie published by DreamWorks Picture in
December 21, 2001.
b. Secondary data source
The secondary data sources are including reference and materials
related to the study whether picking up from book or internet.
3. Technique of Data Collections
In collecting data, the writer used the observation method, while the
technique of collecting data is documentation.
The techniques of collecting data are:
1). Watching and learning the movie and repeatedly.
2). Determining the major character that will be analyzed.
3). Reading some related book to find the theory, data and information
4). Making notes of important in both primary and secondary data sources.
5). Classifying the data into some categories.
6). Analyzing the data about Schizophrenia disease.
4. Technique of Data Analysis
The technique of data analysis is descriptive analysis. The writer will
use system of personality of psychoanalytic approach to discuss living with
Schizophrenia of a Beautiful Mind movie.
I. Research Organization
The writer is going to organize this research in order to make an easy
understanding. There will be six chapters in this research paper:
Chapter I is introduction. It covers the background of study, previous study,
problem statement, limitation of the problem, objective study, benefit of the
study, research method and paper organization. Chapter II is concerns with
underlying theory. It relates to the Definition of psychoanalysis theory, system of
personality, schizophrenia disease, correlation between schizophrenia and
psychoanalytic, the symptom of schizophrenia, schizophrenia types, therapy and
rehabilitees of Schizophrenia, psychosocial therapy for schizophrenics, living
with Schizophrenia and theoretical application. Chapter III is discusses structural
element of the movie. Chapter IV is dealing with data analysis and discussion. It
covers data analysis and discussion of finding. Chapter V is conclusion and
suggestion. It includes conclusion and suggestion.

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