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Anggraini, Tia (2009)

This study aims to explore the self-actualization of the major character on her personality. The objective of the research is to analyze the movie based on its structural elements and to analyze the major character based on psychological perspective. The researcher employs a qualitative method. In this method, the researcher uses two data sources, namely primary and secondary data sources. The primary data source is the movie itself. The secondary data sources are the books about humanistic psychological and the other sources such as internet. The method of data collection is library research and the technique of data analyzing is descriptive technique. The result of this study shows that ; firstly the structural elements of the movie consist of character and characterization, casting, plot, point of view, theme, cinematography, mise-en-scene, sound and editing. Secondly, the psychological analysis shows that self-actualization has nothing to do with hair color.

A. Background of the Study
Legally Blonde is movie directed by Robert Luketic, produced by
Marc E Platt, published by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer studios and starring by
Reese Whiters poon. The year of producing the movie is in 2001. It is based on
the 2001 novel of the same name by Amanda Brown and the writers of screen
play are Karen Mc Cullah Lutz and Kirsten Smith
(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ legally-blonde). The duration of the movie is
one hour 36 minutes. The country of the movie is USA and use English as
language. This movie is a comedy romantic movie because the story of the
movie uses comedy genre. Some actors and actresses that support this movie
are Reese Witherspoon, Luke Wilson, Selma Blair, Matthews Davis, Victor
Garber, Jennifer Coolidge, Holland Taylor and many more. The production
targets teenagers (girls more than boys) who are content to watch a motion
picture with a few laughs and happy ending. Like many comedies, Legally
Blonde wants the plot to be more than a frame work upon which to hang the
jokes, but it fails to provide enough substance for that to be case
The director of Legally Blonde movie, Rober Luketic, was born in
Sidney, New South Wales, Australia in 1973. He was graduated from
Victorian College of the Arts (VCA) in Melbourne, Australia. Luketic jumps
to filmography as director and writer. Films are directed by Robert Luketic
such as Titsiana Booberni (1997), Legally Blonde (2001), Win a Date With
Tad Hamilton (2004), Mosnter -In Law (2005), Women In Law (2006), Pilot
(2006), and the newest is 21 (2008). (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0250494).
The story of Legally Blonde movie tells about Elle Woods (Reese
Witherspoon) that has it all. She’s the president of her sorority, a Hawaiian
Tropic Girl, Miss June in her campus calendar and she is natural blonde. She
has a boyfriend, the cutest boy on campus named Warner (Mathew Davis) and
he wants nothing more the to be Mrs.Warner Huntington III
(http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0250494). But there is paradigm that the Blonder
girl is not serious girl so the boy friend broke their loves. Elle proves she can
be serious girl and proves her talent and capacities as a lawyer in Harvard Law
School. But Law School is far from comfort. Elle must wage the battle of her
life, for her love, for herself and for all the blonder who suffer endless
indignities everyday. In the end of story, Elle can actualize her abil ity as a
lawyer by win the murderer case and she also get her new soul mate in the law
This movie got various responses from the public. There are two
responses from audience, that is pro and contra. Some peoples are pro with
this movie, while some other else are contra. The people who pro with this
movie or like this movie is, for Steve Loucks he realizes that Legally Blonde
has, totally capture the heart of many an audience member especially the
tween-to-teen set
blonde-sob-review.html). In other side, the people who doesn’t like this movie
is JE De Matteo. Personally he didn’t like this movie. He enjoyed the scenery,
but he felt he wasted his time. Here are some adjectives used by De Matteo to
draw this movie : dumb, painful, superficial (http://hugereviews.com/movies/
legally -blonde.html). Althought there are pro contra to this movie, the
response of the market is very good. This movie get a lot of income from it
first release at 13 July 2001. This movie can pierce the box office with the
total income in the amount of US $ 95.001.351 (http://www.rottentomatoes.
com..m/legally-blode/). The income is very big because this movie gets big
attention from market especially teen audience that become target of this
movie. From the movie industry word, this movie also get good response. This
movie was a Golden Globe Award nominee for Best Picture-Musical or
Comedy and Witherspoon’s performance also received a nomination for best
actress-musical or comedy (http://movies.yahoo.com/movie/1804857429/
awards ).
The Legally Blonde movie is interesting to be researched because it has
same point interest. According to the researcher, the point interests of this
movie are in plot, c inematography and the acting of the actress.
The plot of the movie flows from exposition until ending regularly so the audience can
understand the away of story well and the way of story does not broken off.
According to review by James Berardinelli, this movie combines three plot
staples: the triumph over adversity, the romantic comedy and the courtroom
comedy (http://www.reelviews.net/movies/1/legally-blonde.html). The other
point interest is cinematography. The setting of the places is very good,
however, it is indoor or outdoor. The sound mix use DTS-stereo, so the sound
is very good (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0250494/). The last point interest is
the acting of actress especially Reese Wiherspoon. She has basically grown up
in front of camera, has previously shown a strong grasp of both comedy and
drama,and this is the most effective satirical performance
html). Besides, Reese Witherspoon’s funny, nuanced performance makes this
movie better than it would have been other wise
The story of Legally Blonde movie is suitable with Maslow’s self-
actualization. Self-actualization is one of the Hierarchy of Needs in
Humanistic psychology. Humans are created in the world with many kinds of
need those are need to survive. These needs are various kinds and arranged
from lower needs to highest needs. The lower needs should be fulfilled before
the highest needs if someone wants satisfy his life. The kinds of need
according to Maslow are physiological needs, needs for safety, needs for love
and belonginess, self-esteem needs and self-actualization needs. Human
should show their abilities, capabilities and talents to get self-actualization as
the highest needs.
Maslow’s self-actualization is born to create one’s talent and
capacities. It involves of human’s potential, accept one and other in their
society as unique individual and using a problem centered approach to
situation (Maslow in Huffman and Vernoy, 1987:493). Someone is called he
has talent and capacities in his life by using his capability. Maslow says that
the specific form that the self-actualizing takes varies greatly from person to
person. It is at this level, that individual differences are greatest (Maslow in
Hall, 1985:206). Self -actualization is one of fundamental needs in humanistic
psychological theory. Humanistic psychology views human as active creature
with freedom. They are able to choose and develop life style (Hjelle and
Zielger, 1992:440).
Considering the explanation and the fact above, the researcher is
interested in analyzing the needs for self-actualization of Elle as the main
character with the title “Self-actualization in Robert Luketic’s Legally
Blonde : A Humanistic Psychological Approach”.
B. Literature Review
There is a researcher who has studied on Robert Luketic’s Legally
Blonde “Gender Equality in Robert Luketic’s Legally Blonde : Feminist
Approach”. She was Zanita, the student of Muhammadiyah University of
Surakarta. Her research focused on gender equality
by using feminist approach.
From the previous researcher above, the writer intends to complete the
previous Research and to enrich the similar research. In this research, the
researcher is going to apply this research in different approach. The researcher
takes the humanistic psychological approach to reveal needs for self-
actualization of Elle Woods as one of main character in this movie.
C. Problem Statement
Based on the background of the research, the researcher proposes a
problem statement. The problem of this research is “How is self-actualization
of Elle Woods reflected in Robert Luketic’s Legally Blonde?”
D. Limitation of the Study
The researcher limits her analysis for understanding people’s struggle
to actualize her ability reflected in Legally Blonde movie directed by Robert
Luketic. The researcher investigated Elle Woods as the major character by
using an approach of Humanistic Psychology.
E. Objective of the Study
According to problem statement above, the objectives of the research
are as follows:
1. to analyze the movie in terms of its structural elements, and
2. to analyze the movie based on humanistic psychological approach
F. Benefit of the Study
The result of this research is expected to give some benefits as follows:
1. Theoretical Benefit
This research will give some contributions to the body knowledge,
particularly the application of feminism approach in literary study
2. Practical Benefit
a. For the researcher her self
The result of this study will improve the researcher’s knowledge of
people’s struggle to actualize her ability as reflected in the Legally
Blonde movie.
b. For the other researcher
This study can be used as reference for the other researcher who
interested research Legally Blonde movie using other approach
G. Research Method
1. Type of the Research
This research uses descriptive qualitative method. Descriptive qualitative
method is a research which employs the method of collecting, describing,
classifying and analyzing the data and then drawing conclusion.
2. Object of the Study
The object of the study is Legally Blonde movie. This movie is directed by
Robert Luketic and written by Karen Mc Cullah Lutz and Kirsten Smith.
Published by Metro Goldwyn Mayer Studios.
3. Type of the Data and Source of the Data
The type of the data is the text, image and scene of movie entitled Legally
Blonde directed by Robert Luketic. The writer divides the data source into
two categories, they are primary data source and secondary data source.
a. Primary data source
The primary data source of the study is Legally Blonde movie that is
directed by Robert Luketic and written by Karen Mc Cullah Lutz and
Kirsten Smith. Published by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios.
b. Secondary data source
The writer takes the secondary data source, including reference and
materials related to the study whether taken from internet. The script of
the movie is downloaded from internet and it is added by the
researcher to reach the completeness.
4. Method of the Data Collection
The method of data collection in this study is the library research. It
involves both primary and secondary data. The ways of collecting data are
as follows:
a. Watching the movie several times and determining the character that
will be analyzed.
b. Reading some related books to find out the theory, data and
c. Making notes of important parts in both primary and secondary data.
d. Classifying the data into categories
e. Drawing conclusion to get last result.
5. Me thod of the Data Analysis
The method in analyzing the data is descriptive analysis, in which the data
collected, described and then analyzed. It concerns with the relationship
between the movie and the humanistic psychological approach theory to
show how self-actualization is reflected in the story.
H. Research Paper Organization
The researcher organizes the research paper into five chapter. Chapter I
is the introduction which consists of backgr ound of the study, previous study,
problem statement, limitation of study, objective of the study, benefit of the
study, theoretical approach, research method, technique of data analysis and
research paper organization. Chapter II is underlying theories that explains
humanistic psychological perspective and structural elements of the movie.
Chapter III is analysis of the movie, it includes the structural elements of
movie. Chapter IV is humanistic psychological analysis that deals with the
discussion. Chapter V draws conclusion and suggestion.

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