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The problem of the study is to reveal how the struggle for live of the major character reflected in Anthony Mingella’s Cold Mountain. The objectives of the study are to analyze the structural element of the movie and to analyze the character of Ada based on individual psychological perspective. This study is descriptive qualitative research. The object of the study is Cold Mountain film directed by Anthony Mingella. The data sources are divided into two namely primary data source and secondary data source. The primary data source is the film itself and the secondary data is the other sources related to the analysis including the script text. The techniques of data collection are watching the movie, reading the script and observe the library research. The technique of data analysis is descriptive analysis. The results of the research shows that first is in structural analysis, the structural elements of Cold Mountain film is connecting to each other to a whole unity that cannot be separated one another in order to support each other. The second is the psychoanalytic analysis that shows that problems of the major character are dominated by superego. The writer finds that Ada’s superego leads her to be uncommon woman.

A. Background of The Study
Human have many characteristics. They are different one another, human
though, have various nature also. Sometimes some persons can be so nice but in the
other time they may do so cruel. In certain case, it may emerge very extreme. It is
called so as split personality. As long people always get in touch with other person or
their society, they will have made the social life in reality which the different world
of imagination as a representation of their experiences toward the social life around
them. For this way people could not avoid problems between their society and even
with themselves. Problem will exist when there is a discrepancy between their present
state and their perceived goal state and there is no readily apparent way to get from
one to other. They sometimes have experiences in sadness, happiness, hesitation, and
Film is one of literary works, which tells an important thing in life of people
or characters elected by the author. Eventhough, if the firm is American culture.
There are many phenomenon aspects in American successfulness and segments of
popular culture that can be studied. The popular phenomenon culture plays important
role in the development of American society contemporary, and also American
people’s way of life, opinion, habit and attitude are influence by advertisement and
other media.
Anthony Mingella is the stage manager or writer he has talented, he was born
on the Isle of Wight at Ryde, the son of Gloria and Edward Minghella. His father was
Italian Scottish and his mother came from Leeds. Minghella attended Sandown
Grammar School and St John's College (Portsmouth). He was a graduate of the
University of Hull, where he completed undergraduate and postgraduate courses, but
eventually abandoned his doctoral thesis. His career to be the first piece of produced
work was a 1975 stage adaptation of Gabriel Josipovici's Mobius the Stripper and it
was his 1985 piece Whale Music that kick started his career. During the 1980s, he
worked in television, starting as a runner on Magpie before moving into script editing
the children's drama series Grange Hill for the BBC and later writing The Storyteller
series for Jim Henson.
He also wrote several episodes of the ITV detective drama Inspector Morse
and an episode of long-running ITV drama Boon. His 1986 play Made in Bangkok
found mainstream success in the West End. Minghella was also nominated for a Giles
Cooper Award for his radio drama Cigarettes and Chocolate first broadcast on BBC
Radio 4 in 1988. It was revived on 3 May 2008 as a tribute to its author director
following his death. His production starred Juliet Stevenson, Bill Nighy and Jenny
Howe. His first radio play Hang Up, starring Anton Lesser and Juliet Stevenson, was
revived on 10 May 2008 as part of the BBC Radio 4 Minghella season. The other
feature “Truly, Madly, Deeply”, a drama he had written and directed for the BBC's
Screen Two anthology strand, bypassed its expected TV broadcast and received a
cinema release. In order to make the film, he had turned down an offer to direct
another episode of Inspector Morse, which he had thought would be a much higherprofile
assignment. In 1996, he won the Academy Award for Directing for The
English Patient. He was nominated for the Academy Award for Adapted Screenplay
for 1999's The Talented Mr. Ripley. For his bibliography, actually he was 54 years
old; Minghella was died on March 18, 2008 of a haemorrhage in Charing Cross
Hospital, London.
In most situation of life, individuals constantly are striving toward the
achievement of desired goals. Not all of the goals are satisfied and to be attained.
Defense is the term people use to describe the blocking or prevention of goal
achievement. In essence, defense refers to a condition of sustained motivation with
full sacrifice, an important recurring aspect off all people’s experience. But the
psychologist views frustration as a condition of man’s life, as a constant “companion”
that provides the stimulus for some of man’s most distinctively human behavior. The
problem like anxiety constitutes one of psychological problems. Anxiety can be a
nightmare for some individuals. Anxiety may occur when one individual feels his or
her society not to treat them as an individual who has right to decide what he or she
expresses their feeling. Instead they push to accept their society decision without
giving their chance to speak. Anxiety is an unpleasant emotional experience similar
but not identical to feeling of nervousness, worry, agitation, or panic. The
psychological term of frustration is very common in human life.
Many artists, especially authors, put split personality as the power in their
work. The movie namely Cold Mountain has this point. It is a psychoanalytic thriller
movie that written is by Anthony Minghella (the editor of cold mountain novel, the
first novel by Charlez Frazier). The original novel was published by Atlantic Monthly
Press in 1997, Charles Frazier’s debut novel Cold Mountain made publishing history
when it sailed to the top of The New York Times best-seller list for sixty-one weeks,
won numerous literary awards, including the National Book Award, and went on to
sell over three million copies.
The film starring by Jude Law, Nicole Kidman and Rence Zelleweger and was
released on December 2003. The duration of this movie is around 138 minutes. The
film studio is Bonafide Production in cooperation with Miramax film Entertainment.
The style and story of the movie is very exciting. The delineation for a long struggle
and waiting for the beloved people, which those reason why the major character is
enough get suffer in her waiting. Ada Monroe does not realize that W.P. Inman, the
person whom always she tries to fight care for her life. The other side extraordinary
story of Inman, a soldier’s perilous journey back to his beloved at the end of the Civil
War, is at once an enthralling adventure, a stirring love story, and a luminous
evocation of a vanished land, a place where savagery coexists with splendor and
human beings contend with the inhuman solitude of the wilderness. Sorely wounded
and fatally disillusioned in the fighting at Petersburg, a confederate soldier named
Inman decides to walk back to his home in the Blue Ridge Mountains to Ada, the
woman he loves.
Cold Mountain film is interested to be observed because it attracts the writer
in certain aspects. The writer thought it will be more appropriate to be analyzed using
psychoanalytic approach, because in his opinion this story dominantly talking about
the effort of”struggle”. Ada monroe is an orphan; her parents was die. Someday, she
meets with Ruby, the person whom orders by Sally. The kind volunteer has long
name: Ruby Thewes, then they must fight to get something what they wants in order
to fulfill their needed. Psychoanalytic is the study invented by Sigmund Freud and the
term was firstly appeared in Vienna in the year of 1896. This theory was born from
Freud’s effort to heal the hysteria patients (Bertens 2006: 3). The nature of
psychoanalysis itself is a theory of the personality and a system of psychotherapy.
Psychoanalysis has instructed in discovering the diurnal rests and the latent ideas of
the dream. Besides the story was interested to be observed, other reason this object
has something attracts to writer in certain aspects. The plot maybe common, but it is
directed in such a way. It is started with the past action of the main characters and
however it influences and even becomes the key of the story. The story itself is very
Regarding to the change of the nature of the character in the mean of split
personality and the elaborating displays above, the writer wants to analyze struggle
for live in Cold Mountain film by using a psychological approach. Therefore, the title
of this research is formulated A STRUGGLE TO LIVE IN ANTHONY
B. Literature Review
Cold Mountain is amazing film that attracts the audience, as long the writer
knows; there is no other research that has been conducted to study a struggle to live in
Anthony Mingella’s Cold Mountain movie: a psychoanalytic approach. In
Muhammadiyah University of Surakarta, the writer did not find that there no one
researcher that has done the research paper based on the Cold Mountain movie.
Unfortunately, after surfing to some website on the internet, the writer still did not
found the other researchers. So the writer cannot make the comparison with the other
researcher because there is no data to describe the previous research paper.
This study comes to the conclusion that in Cold Mountain reflects the struggle
of life major character as the result of her personality conflicts from the literature
review about the true dream. Here, the writer uses Cold Mountain, a script by
Anthony Mingella as the data source to be analyzed.
C. Problem Statement
The problem of this study is to reveal how the struggle of the major character
is reflected in Cold Mountain; especially the conflicts related to the woman, that she
changes her mind to survive.
D. Limitation of the Study
To carry out the study, the writer needs to limit the study. The writer will
focus on a struggle to live in Anthony Mingella’s Cold Mountain from
psychoanalytic approach.
E. Objective Of The Study
Dealing with the problem statement above, the writer has the following
1. To analyze the movie based on its structural elements.
2. To analyze the movie based on the psychoanalytic approach.
F. Benefits Of The Study
The benefits of the study are:
1. Theoretical Benefit
The result of the study contributes to the larger body of knowledge,
particularly literary study.
2. Practical Benefit
To give some information, this can be used by the next researchers who
are interested in analyzing this movie further.
G. Research Method
To analyze the data found in movie, the writer uses qualitative method in this
1. Type of Research
This research belongs to qualitative research. Because the type of the
study only focuses on analyze of textual data and does not need a statistic to
explore the fact, calculation and enumeration.
2. Object of the study
The writer used the film entitled Cold Mountain as the object of the
study. That is found in its original film, published on December 2003.
3. Type of Data and Data Source
The type of data employed in this research is textual data which
consist of words, phrases, and sentences. The data are classified into two
categories namely primary data and secondary data. The primary data are
taken from the film itself while the secondary data are taken from script text
and other data having relationship with the research such as commentaries
and others relevant information.
4. Technique of Data Collection
The methods of collecting data in this research are as follows:
a. Watching the movie repeatedly.
b. Taking notes of the important part in primary, secondary and also
scientific books, which have the relationship with the thesis.
c. Reading the script related reference and understanding them to observe
the data.
5. Technique of The Data Analysis
In analyzing the data, the writer uses descriptive qualitative research,
in this case the writer collects the data, interprets, classifies and makes
conclusion from the data.
H. Research Paper Organization
In order to make this paper easy to be followed, the writer gives some order
for the paper organization as follows: chapter I is introduction which consist of
background, literature review, problem statement, limitation of the study, objective of
the study, benefits of the study, theoretical approach, research method, technique of
data analysis and paper organization. Chapter II is underlying theories that consist of
psychoanalytic perspective and structural element. Chapter III deals with structural
analysis. Chapter IV is psychoanalytic discussion. And chapter V is conclusion and

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