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The major problem of this study is to reveal how the struggle for love influences the major character‟s personality in Anthony Minghella‟s Cold Mountain. The objective of this study is to analyze the main character based on Individual Psychological Perspective. In analyzing Cold Mountain, the writer uses qualitative method and Individual Psychological Approach. The object of the study is Inman in Cold Mountain published in 2003 by Anthony Minghella. The data sources are primary data and secondary data sources. The primary data source is the Cold Mountain movie itself and the secondary data are the other sources related to the analysis such as the author‟s biography, book of literary theory, Individual Psychological books and the articles from internet. The method of data collection is library research by collecting and recording both of the primary and the secondary data. The technique of data analysis used in this study is descriptive analysis. The outcome of the study shows that the problem faced by the major character causes the conflict of his mental condition. It brings him to show that the struggle for love influences his personality. Finally, the change of personality brings the major character happiness in the end.

A. Background of the Study
Human beings are social creatures that have sensitive feeling. They have a desire, aim and feeling of love that are reflected in everyday life. Love is an emotional state of mind whereby they care for another more than they do for their self. The opinion about true love is not necessary physical or beautiful. Beauty is not necessarily something that is physically attractive to an eye but when it is touched one‟s heart, it is impressive of soul and becomes a part of lover‟s life. Love is blind; it has no boundary or demarcation line, border, religion, wealth or status. It becomes a feeling of helplessness and hard desire for the presence of each other.
Falling in love is a wonderful experience. Unfortunately, it does not last forever. It may last two hours, two weeks, or, at best, two years. But sure enough, this feeling of perfect joy, of total admiration of the other‟s perfection, this feeling that are admired, fades away slowly but surely. And yet, something new is budding. This something is a mature, intimate relationship. Many will call it “Love”, as opposed to the former state of “being in love”. Some may experience this in a very agreeable, serene way. For them, the relationship does not deteriorate but it only deepens. Many might experience it as sliding into boredom. Others will experience it as an
everlasting fight, or conflict. Some may start being critical towards their partners, and others will feel anger or frustration. (http:www.theory struggle for love in individual psychological.com/psychology advice >>why do love relationships deteriorate.htm.february 21th, 2009). True love becomes a longing for the two lovers not only for the body but more important for two souls. It lives in their heart forever and they do not meet it again in life. It is kind of feeling of pain and pleasure. Feeling of love is the aim of the human being to live. Feelings of love have the shape of real or unreal. For example love to God, love to the country, family and friend more over love to different gender. In fact, human beings have feeling of love to something in their live. They create their feeling of love in many forms of action and attitude. Moreover they are brave to sacrifice the body and soul to get their love. It means, they don‟t know where the true is and where the false is but they still sacrifice the body and soul bravely for the shake of love. The romantic love and power struggle phase of relationship present as unconscious phases. Conscious marriage results with awareness and the use of intentional processes that result in mutual healing connections. The idea of unconscious processes that develop from birth and subsequent developmental phases forms the basis for many psychological theories. The image is formed out of internalization of all childhood caretakers, and its projection generates feelings of romantic love.
The content of the power struggle relates to developmental issues from early childhood. Theoretical support comes from many source including attachment theory (Bowlby, 1988: 120) and the work of developmental psychology (Stern, 1985: 185). Human development and healthy attachment presents as the most basic need. As early psychology reported on the projection process (Jung, 1981: 123), attachment theory expands the concept of the need for healing within the context of a relationship. Power struggles ensue when partners attempt to force the other partner to become what the original partner projected in the first place. Defense mechanisms another concept developed by Freud (1915: 284) are also applied to the dynamics of the power struggle. People develop defense behaviors in the course emotional or physical threats. In the process of describing the power struggle Kubler-Ross‟s (1969: 36-43) description of the various stages of death and dying. It is not easy to get whatever someone wishes. Therefore, someone ought to struggle to reach for love. Struggle refers to a devotion effort or the act of making a devotion or difficult effort. Many ways are gone through sacrifice for the shake of a target. They can distinguish between false and true, and they brave enough to sacrifice the body and soul for their love. They can be classified as a struggler.
Struggler is a certain person who has spirit to get the goal. It is an act of love, not of hate, and formed from two different individuals that have similar dreams such as those look in Cold Mountain story. It tells the story of
Inman, a wounded confederate soldier, is on a perilous journey home to his mountain community, hoping to reunite with his prewar sweetheart, Ada. Cold Mountain, Charles Frazier‟s debut novel, won critical acclaim and the National Book Awards for fiction when it was published in 1997. As an author of travel books and short stories, Frazier had ample experience in writing about landscapes and using a condensed prose style. He applied these literary skills in crafting Cold Mountain episodic structure detailed descriptive passage. Cold Mountain movie is directed by Anthony Minghella. The producers in this movie are Stave E. Andrews, Albert Beger, Tim Bricknell, William Horberg, Bob Osher, Sidney Pollack, Iain Smith, Bob Weinstein, Harvey Weinstein and Ron Yerxa. The genres of Cold Mountain are drama, Romance and War movie. It was released in Indonesia on March 17, 2004 and the runtime about 145 minutes. The movie was met with generally positive reviews, receiving a 72 percent “fresh” rating on the website rottentomatoes.com, which monitors film reviews add opinions. Many critics noted the film for its realistic portrayal of the civil war and for elaborating on the civilian aspect of the war. Although set in North Carolina, it was filmed mostly in Romania, with numerous scenes filmed in Virginia, South Carolina and North Carolina. The filmed was one of an increasing number of Hollywood productions made in Eastern Europe.
Cold Mountain tells the story of a wounded confederate soldier named Inman who struggles on a perilous journey to get back home to Cold Mountain, North Carolina as well as to Ada, the women he left behind before going off to fight in the civil war. Along the way, he meets along line of interesting and colorful characters, while back at home, Ada is learning the ropes of managing her deceased father‟s farm with ruby, a scrappy drifter who assists and teaches Ada along the way. The action of the story is set in 1864, three years after the out break of civil war, an era of discord between north and south. Although the war is essentially a backdrop for events, it is clear that Inman‟s experiences as confederate soldier have affected for his understanding of the world and many characters tell tales of hardship and despair some of it are war stories. The war damaged southerners both personally and politically. After three years of conflict, many are disillusioned with what they consider to be the selfish motivations of both sides. The story keeps issue of slavery in the war and tends to focus in the society. There are many cruel treatments to slave by south landlord into more general themes like human suffering and hope for a better future.
Based on the illustration above, the writer is interested observing in Inman and Ada‟s relationship to each other to the landscape than in the politics of the era. The most interesting is in capturing the spirit of two people searching for self knowledge and romantic fulfillment. That is why the present writer is interested in understanding the relation based on the individual
psychological approach for his research paper entitle: “Struggle for Love in Anthony Minghella’s Cold Mountain Movie: An Individual Psychological Approach.”
B. Literature Review
As far as the writer known, there is no research that the Cold Mountain movie as the object of the research. But there is any research that used an individual psychological approach: The power of mother‟s love in Jodi Picoult‟s perfect match: an individual psychological approach (2002) by Hertin Sri Hartatik. The second is entitled coping behavior maximus in Ridley Scott‟s „gladiator‟ movie: an individual psychological approach by Erwan Sumiyanto in 2002, Muhammadiyah University of Surakarta. The writer wants to analyze the movie using an individual psychological approach, the title is “struggle for Love in Anthony Minghella‟s Cold Mountain movie: an individual Psychological approach.
C. Problem Statement
Based on the title and the background of the study, the major problem of the study is, “How is the struggle for love of Inman reflected in Anthony Minghella‟s Cold Mountain movie?”
D. Limitation of the Study
The writer will limit the study on the struggle for love of Inman to Ada Manroe as one of major character in Anthony Mighella‟s Cold Mountain movie based on the individual psychological approach.
E. Objective of the Study
Dealing with the problem statement above, the objectives of the studies are:
1. To analyze the structural elements of the movie
2. To discuss struggle for love of Inman viewed from individual psychological approach.
F. Benefit of the Study
The benefits of the study are as follows:
1. Theoretical Benefit
To give information and knowledge to the reader, especially the literary study on Cold Mountain movie directed by Anthony Minghella.
2. Practical Benefit
To get better understanding of the movie, in literary field as references to other researchers in analyzing the movie especially based on the individual psychological approach.
G. Research Method
1. Type of the Study
The study will belong to qualitative research, which refers to research based on qualitative data taken from the Cold Mountain movie directed by Anthony Minghella.
2. Object of the Study
Object of the research in this case is Inman in Cold Mountain. In inducting the research, the writer is going to analyze it by using individual psychological approach.
3. Type of the Data and the Data Source
There are two types of data source:
a. Primary Data Source
The primary data source is taken from the Cold Mountain movie. It consists of dialogue, plot, themes, conflicts, and the whole narration, etc, which are relevant to the object of the study.
b. Secondary Data Source
The secondary data sources are taken from some books which have relation with the research and other materials that support this analysis.
4. Technique of the Data Collection
The method will be used by the researcher for collecting the data are as follows:
a. Watching the movie several times, until the writer gets an adequate information or data to be analyzed
b. Reading some other resources related to the movie
c. Taking notes for the important part both in primary and secondary sources in data cards
d. Analyzing the data
e. Classifying the data into categories and developing them into a good unit
f. Drawing conclusion based on the movie data.
5. Technique of the Data Analysis
In this thesis the technique that is used to analyze the data is descriptive analysis. The writer describes the structural elements of the movie with individual psychology of literature. The collected data will be interpreted and analyzed in detail through individual psychology of literature in this case by showing the influence of Inman in his struggle for love in Cold Mountain: individual psychological approach.
H. Research Paper Organization
The research paper will be divided into five chapters. Chapter I is introduction. This chapter involves the background of study, literary review, problem statement, limitation of the study, objective of the study, benefit of the study, research method and paper organization. Chapter II is dealing with underlying theory, covering nation of individual psychology theory, basic
principles of individual psychology theory. Chapter III is structural analysis which the character and characterization, plot, point of view, setting, theme and style. Chapter IV will be individual psychological analysis of the movie, it present the application of underlying theory in analyzing the problem. Chapter V is conclusion and suggestion for this research paper also the synopsis of the story.

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